Greensboro Center Pointe
At Center Pointe, The Best In Life Is Yours!

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When it comes to deciding where you want to live, every city has it's most desirable areas. Greensboro has grown into a world class city featuring neighborhoods that provide the best of all worlds - accessibility, charm, good schools and a way of life that make the homes in these communities extremely desirable.

Brian Gadoury understands why people choose to live in these communities and is focused on helping buyers make the right decision when it comes to selling and purchasing condominiums.

In the center of Greensboro, fine quisine, rich history and high fashion fill the streets with a plethora of delightful, sights, sounds and fragrances. With a day at Center City Park, an evening at the theater or even a baseball game to enjoy, calling Center Pointe home offers you much more than you can ever imagine.

For the first time in the piedmont, experience sophisticated living entwined in an urban lifestyle in decadently designed high-rise condominiums that reach up to 17 stories. With late afternoon sunsets that fill the view from your balcony, Center Pointe is tomorrow's pleasure available to you today.

Few realtors realize and focus on particular areas of real estate but Brian's approach is not like most realtors. He understands that to be the best, you need to know and understand your market and his focus on Center Pointe sets him apart from the rest.

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